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$20 Per Month is all it takes to buy a Joint Venture Club Membership.
As a member of the co-op you will enjoy 50% commissions when you share this Joint Venture Co-op with others..
Share this powerful marketing system with ONLY -2- & your $20 Joint Venture Co-Op Membership is paid for!
Residual Income CoOp Club

Is Your Business Category Showing In One Of These Sliders?

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If you have just sold one of those ONE UPS Big Ticket Programs or have a TEAM in one of those MLM opportunities this would be the perfect place to build your organization requesting that new Co-Op category.  Many of the Co-Op categories have only -1- or -2- members in the rotation so be one of the first to join and share in the traffic this powerful marketing platform generates/receives. 

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Power Lead System Coop

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Because we have thousands of opportunity seekers visit this page daily and for ONLY $10 per month our Joint Venture Co-Op Club Members have their business opportunities  seen by these hungry entrepreneurs on the SLIDERS on this page...

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Everyone Has $20

As a Joint Venture Co-Op Club Member you make $10 when your share this powerful marketing system with others. Share this marketing system with ONLY -2- and your membership is paid for.

Great Money Making Opportunity

There are thousands of marketers who need this very affordable marketing system. Share this marketing system with 10 and make a monthly residual income of $100 per month. 50 makes you $500 per month. 100 makes you $1,000 per month!

Make 50% On The $10 Co-Ops
In addition to making $10 each month on ALL new Joint Venture Co-Op Club Members you recruit you make $5 on each month on those in organization who buy those $10 Co-Ops.

Join The Membership Co-Op

Don't have time to market your membership affiliate link yourself? No problem... place your recruiting on autopilot and join the Joint Venture Co-Op Club Membership Co-Op.

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The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

Your Own Back Office

You will have your own Joint Venture Co-Op Club Membership back office where you have Banners, Text Links, Email Links, Email Templates, Linking Codes & Resources

View Your Membership Co-Op Traffic

In your back office you will have an area where you can view your Team & Tier Statistics PLUS your Membership Traffic.

Training Videos

In your back office you will have access to hundreds of hours of training videos that normally sell for thousands of dollars - ALL FREE to watch as a Joint Venture Co-Op Club Member!

Commission Reports

In your back office you can track the commissions you earned & your payment history for: #1. Your $10 Membership Recruitment Monthly Residual Income. #2. The $5 Residual Income From Those Who Buy The $10 Co-Ops. #3. The $50 Residual Income From Those Who Buy The $100 Membership Co-Ops.
#4. $148.50 From Those Who Buy The $10 Sizzle Call Marketing System

This Joint Venture Co-Op Marketing System..... Is A Great "List Building Tool"!

If your money making program offers a FREE Signup with an Up Grade later we make sure those who are watching the SLIDERS see that offer in the IMAGES. Those thousands of visitors to this page - who want to ad Multiple Streams of Income to their portfolio - will be more likely to optin in to your lead capture page with that FREE offer.

Yes this $20 per month Joint Venture Club Membership is a perfect place to build LEADS for any money making program you are working.

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