$10 Sizzle Call Marketing System Leads & Sales Funnel Training

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  • The #1 reason most fail in the Online Business Opportunity Biz is they do NOT capture a prospect’s info before sending them to their sales page.
  • Your FREE Sizzle Call Landing Page does not come with a lead capture sales funnel page.
  • However those who purchase a Sizzle Call Phone Number from YOUR FREE Sizzle Call Landing Page... you are sent that new member’s contact info.
  • Those prospects who visit your FREE Sizzle Call Landing Page - with your biz ops between the RED FLASHING STARS - who then leave without a Sizzle Call Phone Number purchase are lost forever.
  • To solve this problem we offer an OPTIONAL Sizzle Call Marketing System lead capture page and sales funnel system.
  • The very affordable $10 Sizzle Call Phone Number entry level has proven to generated mega leads for our members - BECAUSE IT’S AFFORDABLE!
  • For the small $10 monthly marketing investment that member receives a... FREE Sizzle Call Landing Page - I - Harvey The Silver Fox - Will Do The Selling “CHARGING NOTHING” - A Built-In Social Networking Marketing Platform - Posting Their Sizzle Call Landing Page On Facebook At Various Times A Month and other marketing techniques as they arise. All of this for ONLY $10 per month - WOW!
  • There-after that new member has the OPTION to upgrade to several other marketing tools and programs as their budget allows.
  • The first upgrade I suggest is the $20 Joint Venture Co-Op Club making their total monthly marketing investment $30 - STILL VERY AFFORDABLE!
  • As a $20 Co-Op Club Member they have the opportunity of making $10 per month from those who join in their downline from me - Harvey The Silver Fox - Doing The Selling “CHARGING NOTHING.” The potential of building an impressive $10,000 a month residual income is realistic over a period of time!
  • As a $20 Co-Op Club Member you will also have access to hours of training videos that will teach how to market any money making opportunity for LITTLE to NO COST.

Here are the benefits you will receive from your Co-Op #4 Sizzle Call Marketing System purchase:


#1. As a $20 Joint Venture Member & A Member Of This Co-Op You Make $148.50 On Your 1st Tier & $29.70 On Your 2nd Tier When This Co-Op Package Is purchased from a member in your downline.

#2. There are NO monthly hosting fees (other than your Aweber membership fees) to maintain Co-Op #4 Sizzle Call Marketing System and enjoy commissions from the Co-op.

#3. You now have a Lead Capture Page that offers a powerful Sales Funnel System promoting your other money making opportunities on your $10 Sizzle Call Marketing System Landing Page. Review the video by CLICKING HERE

#4. You will also be placed in the Co-Op #4 Sizzle Call Marketing System STORE and ALL the Co-Op Club SLIDERS on the Home/Sales, Video Training page and any other Co-Op Club related pages - AT NO CHARGE. This is a LIFETIME placement as long as you maintain your Co-Op Club $20 monthly membership. CLICK HERE TO PICK UP THE Co-Op #4 Sizzle Call Marketing System

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Where else can you get a powerful marketing system like this one for as little as $30 per month? Better yet - if you follow my training videos in your Co-Op Club AFFILIATE Back Office you have the potential of making up to $10K per month residual income CLICK HERE while promoting your biz opportunity(s) - AND I DO THE SELLING FOR YOU!

As a $20 Co-Op Club Member the first PROFITABLE and best sales funnel - found in the STORE CLICK HERE - to manage your FREE Sizzle Call Landing Page Leads would be the Co-Op #4 Sizzle Call Marketing System.  

I’m Sitting At My Computer - RIGHT NOW - Waiting For The Phone To Ring -  Ready To Do The Selling For You...


The Silver Fox